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L’Arche Clinton

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Skills Needed

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, be able to pass CPR/first aid and medication training, clear a background and motor vehicle check, be fully COVID-19 vaccinated and boosted if eligible, and be fluent enough in English to read, understand, and implement health care plans and respond appropriately in emergency situations.

Geographic Location

We are a Midwest town on the Mississippi River. Clinton has a beautiful waterfront levee, with a nice marina and restaurant on the waterfront. Clinton has something for everyone to enjoy all with a small-town charm that makes you feel right at home. Although small, Clinton offers larger city conveniences either at hand or close by.  There are lots of opportunities for outdoor activities here, including hiking, biking, and river activities. Weather-wise, we enjoy 4 distinct seasons, with hot, often humid summers and cold, snowy winters.

Public Transportation

Yes, Clinton does have a city bus that can be easily accessed. Walking and biking could also be utilized within the downtown area. 

Community Description

Established in 1974, our community has deep roots and long-standing community members. We have a nice mixture of age and experience in our community. We currently operate with only live-out assistants, but would like to establish a live-in assistant presence. Our core member’s average age is in the 50’s, with a mixture of male and female. Our live out assistants tend to be local, mostly women, white and African American. We have a staff of about 35. We have 3 homes for shared community living space and 5 core members who live more independently in their own home/apartment. All of our core members love to get out and have fun in the community, and there are abundant opportunities for that in Clinton and the Quad Cities.

Community Strengths

Our community values time spent together. Because of our home’s close proximity, our community gathers every week for different events, such as anniversary and birthday celebrations. We additionally gather for holidays, outings and activities throughout the month as well.

Community Spirituality

L’Arche Clinton’s spiritual practices and traditions are rooted in Christiantiy. Today, our spirituality and community reflection are open and inviting to all faiths or no faith. Some of our core members choose to go to a variety of churches on Sundays. 

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