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Who are we?

L’Arche (pronounced “Larsh”) is an international organization connecting people with and without intellectual disabilities through intentional community. There are more than 150 L’Arche communities in 35 countries around the world working together to challenge the narrative on disability and create a home where we all belong.

What do we do?

What does community mean to you? For us, it’s where friendships begin. Relationships are at the heart of our mission. Members of L’Arche build connections through initiatives like shared living, daily support, and vocational programs. This creates unique personal and professional development opportunities for L’Arche members while improving their greater communities.

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There is a place for everyone at L’Arche! Discover the place for you.

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Become an Assistant

Looking for a career change? Want to take a gap year? Become an assistant with L’Arche! Assistants are trained as Direct Support Professionals to provide quality care for core members (people with intellectual disabilities) at L’Arche. Together, assistants and core members create the unique pulse of life in a L’Arche community!

Live-in vs. Live-out: Live-in assistants live in a L’Arche home with other assistants and core members, supporting the home during scheduled hours. Live-out assistants live elsewhere but support the L’Arche home during scheduled hours. These are paid positions.

Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers at L’Arche! Are you a good cook? Is lawn mowing your secret passion? Do you enjoy long walks and good conversations? Consider joining one of our communities as a volunteer.

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Find Your Location

There are many L’Arche communities throughout Canada and the United States. Explore the various locations below, discover somewhere new and express your interest today.

Note for Canadian applicants: L’Arche Canada accepts applications through one national portal. You will be contacted regarding available location options after applying.

Note for US applicants: L’Arche USA accepts applications at the local level. You will be able to express your interest in joining individual locations. If there are no open positions available, a representative will assist you.

Interested in L'Arche outside of the United States and Canada?

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L’Arche Canada

3958, rue Dandurand
Montréal Quebec CANADA
H1X 1P7

L’Arche USA

2475 SE Ladd Ave.
Suite 430
Portland, OR 97214